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Palmia dishwashing liquids

Palmia product line is represented by 6 dishwashing liquids. Unique aromas of Aromatica, Espressiva, Fiorenta and Tropica will bring a refreshing emotional boost. Palmia Tropica and its scent of tropic fruits: peach, melon and feijoa, will transport you effortlessly to white sands, carefree waves and tender sunshine. Palmia Fiorenta with subtly blended wild blackberry and cornflower wraps you in endearing reflections of vast meadows and languid summer heat of central Russia. Palmia Aromatica gel brings cool fresh fragrance of green tea instilled with delicate notes of French white jasmine. Feisty and heated fragrance of Palmia Espressiva and its sweet scent of red poppies combined with the fiery acerbity of ripe pomegranate will have your heart beating to the rhythm of the flamenco. Hypoallergenic Sensitiva is designed not only for washing dishes, but for fruits and vegetables as well. Palmia Bambini is a baking soda-based product to make washing baby’s dishes and accessories absolutely safe.

Choosing Palmia dishwashing liquids you choose::

  • efficient product: forms rich foam in a single drop only
  • safety: we use only biodegradable components
  • convenient bottle with a dosing pump
  • an easily rinsed off product which leaves no traces on your dishes
  • a product to take away bad and unpleasant odors
  • wax-free and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables when using Palmia Sensitiva
  • spotlessly clean and safe baby dishes when using Palmia Bambini.