In 2015, New Chemical Technologies launched a modern automated factory for the production of high-quality household chemicals in the Leningrad region.

Today, NCT provides a full range of services for the development and contract production of products: from idea to shipment. New Chemical Technologies is able to manufacture both budget- and premium-class products on a turnkey basis. NCT resources have their own laboratory with professional chemical developers. Any manufactured product passes all the necessary tests including for compliance with norms and requirements.

Currently, our company has production facilities (an enterprise with an area of 6000 m2), which allow us to produce from 7,000,000 liters of products per year with a pH value from 3 to 12.

We work every day to make our customers' lives better and happier
Individual approach
We are ready to carry out both a full production cycle and certain types of technological operations.
We strictly adhere to the technical specifications and design developments of the customer during production, taking into account all the subtleties of the technological process.
High quality
We are responsible for the quality of our products, so we are interested in the successful implementation of the entire project.

Project coordination by

a personal manager

  • Purchase of raw materials and packaging materials
  • Control of supply logistics and coordination of the production process
  • The plan of the manufacturing process according to the requirements set by the customer

Obtaining certificates and registration documents

  • Registration of a full package of documents that confirm the fact of compliance of the received composition with the national requirements prescribed in the legislation
  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate and Declaration of conformity

Storing and logistics

  • An opportunity to store finished product in production warehouses
  • Shipment of finished products according to request to the customers' warehouse
Developing of advanced formulas and compositions
Our team of chemical developers help you to create a recipe based on any request
Testing and certification
We will carry out all the tests needed, and consult about certification
Purchasing all production materials
Selection of the necessary components and materials for production, as well as their purchasing.
Production of the products and packaging
Production of products according to the customer's technical specifications, taking into account the subtleties of the technological process
Supplying of the finished product to customers’ warehouse
We provide an opportunity of storing of the finished product on production warehouses and shipping it according to request to the customers' warehouse
Cost reduction

Cost reduction and budget predictability achieved through fixed price, which can reduce costs by 30-35%.

Profit increasing

Increased profitability as a consequence of lower purchase prices, which entails an increase in the number of loyal buyers of the product.

Cost savings

Savings on the rental of warehouse and production facilities, equipment and labor.

Low prices, short production time

Long-term partnership with NCT makes it possible to achieve low prices and short production time.

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